Saint Restaurant
Signature tapestry, carpet and ceiling projection artwork for the interior of Saint Restaurant at The Marc in Sandton. Project done with Grid Worldwide.
Nederburg Stories
Four custom artworks to tell the very unique story you find inside every Nederburg wine for these limited edition bottle wraps. Project done with TBWA.
Marble Restaurant
We designed these bespoke bar panels and cornices to evoke flayed muscle fibers in a way that makes meat beautiful. Damien Grievas made them using supawood enamel and glaze to build up the bronze effect. Marble Restaurant is in Rosebank, Johannesburg and this project was done with Grid Worldwide.
Beautiful Pathogens
We used the malaria pathogen in four different stages to create traditional kapulana patterns for custom fabrics. Project with TBWA Hunt Lascaris for Goodbye Malaria.
Adam & Eve Limited Edition Merlot
Double bottle carrier design for Adam & Eve, a red and white merlot. Adam is as handsome as the sun, represented as day, with Eve as alluring as the moon represented as night.
Marble Restaurant Branding
This is a series of illustrations of bulls hidden in Marble. Done with Grid Worldwide for the branding of Marble (Meat & Flame Enthusiasts) in Rosebank, Johannesburg.
Brighter Lives
Custom illustration style created for large African mobile network MTN, based entirely on the oval shape from their logo.
Dropping your habits
Let go of what you think you know. Question everything. Assume nothing. Unlearn. Anti Est is a movement away from habit and indoctrination and towards a new way of viewing the world – with honest, open eyes. Anti Est asks you to Unlearn so you can learn anew. In a world characterised by consumerism and “mass produced” opinions, it encourages authenticity of thought and conversation, and embraces the craft culture with unexpected, hand-made food and drink. Since it opened in Braamfontein, a previously derelict neighbourhood on the fringe of the Johannesburg city centre, it has become a catalyst for change – encouraging people from the Northern suburbs to rethink where they socialise. And they’ve done so in droves, abandoning the comfort of their usual stomping grounds for a place that sets the stage for a re-examination of what society and years of habit have dictated to be true.
50 Years of Big Mac
Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac, we created nostalgic posters for McDonalds, comparing then and now. Project with TBWA.
The launch of 8.ta, South Africa’s fourth mobile network. South Africa’s vast majority have little to no web access. We used traditional media on an unprecedented scale, sparking viral wildfire. An unbranded teaser campaign generated epic intrigue across all viral platforms using one word, “Heita”, a colloquial/local slang term meaning “Hello” and the written form of our brand name, 8ta.
Popup Classroom
Inspirational desks created for impoverished schools from used building hoarding. Project for Goedgedacht with Bittersuite Studio.
5.5% ALCOHOL – 100% BS
Existing concept brand "Blink Stefanus" needed an updated CI for his new range of craft beers. A monogram was created with his initials "BS", and also gave us the perfect idea for labels and a launch campaign. 5.5% Alcohol. 100% BS. The usual Blink Stefanus helmeted face was replaced with African politicians, famous for the BS they speak. This gave each brew its own distinct personality, with its own personal brand of BS you are likely to speak when you drink it!
The-O is a recording studio owned by sound engineer Theo Potgieter. Theo is The-O. The Ou is The Guru ("Ou" is a South-African version of "dude"). The Oh is The Sound of Understanding. OH, I GET IT! It’s O-ism. THE-O's: 11 Enlightened O’s adorn the walls of The Inner Sanctum. They are staring at The Weird Rectangular red O-shape in the ceiling. They are awe-struck by it and The Light shines upon them forever. They are The Only Ones who understand why it’s there. They also control The Acoustics. Faces: Bat-O, Super-O, Anchor-O, Wo-O, Milk-O, Ape-O, Space-O, Chair-O, Snow-O, Gentle-O and Boogey-O.
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