2020 •Creative Circle Awards - Ad of the Year  Motion & Digital Design - 2nd Place •Creative Circle Awards - Ad of the Month  December: Digital - 2nd Place •Creative Circle Awards - Ad of the Month  December: Digital - 3rd Place

2019 •Loerie Craft Certificate - Illustration •Loerie Gold - Identity Programmes •Creative Circle Awards - Ad of the Month May: Brand Identity - 1st Place

2018 •D&AD Wood Pencil Illustration for Design •The One Show Bronze Illustration Craft •Loerie Campaign Craft Gold - Illustration •Loerie Campaign Craft Gold - Art Direction and Graphic Design •Loerie Craft Certificate - Illustration •Loerie Bronze - Furniture Design

2017 •Loerie Grand Prix - Media Campaign •Loerie Craft Gold Design Crafts - Illustration •Loerie Craft Certificate - Illustration •Loerie Craft Certificate - Illustration •Loerie Campaign Gold Brand Identity & Collateral Design - Identity Programmes •Loerie Gold - General Collateral •Loerie Campaign Silver Brand Identity & Collateral Design - Identity Programmes •Loerie Campaign Silver - Media Campaign •Loerie Silver Design for Digital •Loerie Campaign Bronze Brand Identity & Collateral Design - Identity Programmes •Loerie Campaign Bronze Brand Identity & Collateral Design – Posters & Billboards •Loerie Campaign Bronze - Media Campaign •Cannes Lions Bronze Design: Illustration - Packaging •Cannes Lions Bronze Design: Refresh of an existing brand: Corporate

2016 •Loerie Campaign Silver - Identity Programmes •Loerie Bronze Communication Design - Interior Design & Temporary Structures

2015 •D&AD Graphite Pencil Illustration for Design •Loerie Craft Certificate - Illustration

2014 •Loerie Grand Prix - Media Campaign •Loerie Craft Gold Design Crafts - Illustration •Loerie Campaign Silver Digital Integrated Campaign •Loerie Silver Digital & Interactive Social Media •Loerie Campaign Silver Integrated Campaign •Loerie Campaign Bronze Brand Identity & Collateral Design - Posters & Billboards.•Loerie Bronze Three Dimensional & Environmental Design - Interior Design & Temporary Structures •Creative Circle Awards - Ad of the Month April: Out of Home - 1st Place

2013 •Loerie Campaign Craft Certificate Print Communication - Typography •Pendoring Silver Communication Design •Pendoring Silver Craft - Illustration

2012 •Loerie Campaign Silver Print Communication: Posters •Loerie Campaign Bronze Print Communication: Newspaper •Pendoring Gold Posters •Pendoring Silver General - Craft - Art Direction •Creative Circle Awards - Ad of the Month July: Print - 2nd Place •Creative Circle Awards - Ad of the Month April: Out of Home - 3rd Place •Creative Circle Awards - Ad of the Month August: Out of Home - 3rd Place

2011 •Loerie Craft Gold TV Crafts Art Direction •Loerie Campaign Bronze Integrated Campaign •Loerie Craft Gold TV Crafts - Direction •Loerie Silver TV & Cinema Commercials Short format •Loerie Craft Certificate TV Crafts - Editing •Clio Silver x 2 Print - Photography •Clio Bronze Film - Music: Licenced •Lürzer’s Archive Select Vol. 3/11

2010 •Creative Circle Awards – Ad of the Month December: Tv – 1st Place December: Press – 2nd Place December: Outdoor - 2nd Place •Lürzer’s Archive Select Vol. 5/10 •Loerie Gold Advertising: Print Crafts Art Direction •Loerie Gold Advertising: Print Crafts – Photography •Loerie Craft Certificate Communication Design: Design Crafts - Photography •Pendoring Gold Experiential Marketing Direct Marketing and Promotions

2009 •Loerie Bronze Advertising: Print Advertising – Magazine •Creative Circle Awards – Ad of the Month June: Magazine – 1st Place •Creative Circle Awards – Ad of the Month March: Outdoor – 3rd Place •Cannes Lions Shortlist 2 x Outdoor Point of Purchase – Small Scale •One Show Merit P.O.P. and In-store Campaign

2008 •Loeries Silver Brand Identity & Collateral Design: Identity Programmes •Loeries Bronze Brand Identity & Collateral Design: Logos •Loeries Bronze Communication Design: Design Mixed-media Campaign •Pendoring Gold Experiential Marketing: Below the Line Campaign •Pendoring Silver Communication Design

2007 •Pendoring Gold Advertising Above The Line: Television & Cinema •Pendoring Gold General: Original Afrikaans •Pendoring Silver Advertising Above The Line: Television & Cinema •Pendoring Silver Communication Design
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