Where Art meets Illustration: 

The line between illustration and art is not a very well defined one and we're not going to attempt a verbal argument for our point of view. Instead we will let the work do that for us. Whenever we get the chance to play in this blurred space we just piddle with excitement.

Illustration in Corporate Communication:

How do you create unique images for your visual language when everybody has a super camera in their smartphone? Anyone can take a picture, but drawing is still a specialised skill. Enter the second "Golden Age" of illustration.

Only problem is that a mix of clip art and random one-off characters can leave your communication looking a bit disordered. You need a style moulded to your brand, with clear guidelines to ensure you speak with one voice. That's where Fresh Helga comes in. 


Our team is led by multi-stylistic artist Sarita Immelman who specialises in developing custom illustration languages for brands of any size. She was recently named nr. 1 illustrator in Africa and the Middle East by the Loeries 2017 Official Rankings. With many local and international awards to her name, she had a 13 year career as designer/art director at big name ad-agencies, before changing direction in 2013 to focus solely on illustration. Together with creative partner Marcelle Labuschagne they opened Fresh Helga in 2017 to create more opportunities for illustration to flourish. 
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