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Featured: Sarita Immelman is a Joburg based freelance illustrator and designer. She fell in love with drawing when she was much younger, and after finishing Communication Design at The Open Window Art Academy in Pretoria, she opened 2Buffels Melkery, and started raking in the awards. She’s also into Rabbit Show Jumping. We caught up with Sarita to chat about her work, and her hobbies... Read More​​​​​​​
#LadiesofLoeries: How to escape agency banner-ad hell, win illustration awards. While award shows celebrate the agencies and brands doing amazing work, those behind-the scenes don't often get a chance to step into the spotlight. Step aside for illustrator Sarita Immelman, whose work garnered 11 Loeries and two Cannes Lions awards this year alone... Read More​​​​​​​
Maggs on Media 
In a world dominated by technological advancement, we don’t often recognize the talents of illustrators. But according to award winning illustrator Sarita Immelman illustration is making a comeback as a specialized craft... See Video
The Citizen 
Sarita Immelman: Finding art in meat and mozzies. Art is money, given the right opportunity, proposes Sarita Immelman, a 40-year-old Johannesburg illustrator whose work garnered two Cannes Lions and 11 Loeries this year... Read More
The craft of illustration is making a comeback in advertising communications, giving brands a unique distinctive asset in creating bespoke brand assets. Grid Worldwide recently won a Craft Gold at The Loerie Awards for client MTN's new illustration brand identity with the team from Fresh Helga... Read More
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