The-O is a recording studio owned by sound engineer Theo Potgieter. Theo is The-O. The Ou is The Guru ("Ou" is a South-African version of "dude"). The Oh is The Sound of Understanding. OH, I GET IT! It’s O-ism.
THE-O's: 11 Enlightened O’s adorn the walls of The Inner Sanctum. They are staring at The Weird Rectangular red O-shape in the ceiling. They are awe-struck by it and The Light shines upon them forever. They are The Only Ones who understand why it’s there. They also control The Acoustics.
Faces: Bat-O, Super-O, Anchor-O, Wo-O, Milk-O, Ape-O, Space-O, Chair-O, Snow-O, Gentle-O and Boogey-O.
Additional Credits: Annette Nel
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