LET GO OF WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW. Question everything. Assume nothing. Unlearn. Anti Est is a movement away from habit and indoctrination and towards a new way of viewing the world – with honest, open eyes. Anti Est asks you to Unlearn so you can learn anew. In a world characterised by consumerism and “mass produced” opinions, it encourages authenticity of thought and conversation, and embraces the craft culture with unexpected, hand-made food and drink. Since it opened in Braamfontein, a previously derelict neighbourhood on the fringe of the Johannesburg city centre, it has become a catalyst for change – encouraging people from the Northern suburbs to rethink where they socialise. And they’ve done so in droves, abandoning the comfort of their usual stomping grounds for a place that sets the stage for a re-examination of what society and years of habit have dictated to be true.
Additional Credits: Grid Worldwide
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